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Warranty and certifications
Our tools are hard-tested in the operational context, revealing high reliability and low maintenance, being proud and trustworthy that all our products have a 5-year guarantee on all components, including the wooden handle, and with immediate replacement in case of breakage.






Our Handles are produced with Portuguese eucalyptus wood with PEFC certification, coming from lots of 1st quality, dried in greenhouse, later woodturned and finished with varnished, fulfilling our commitment with the materials of sustainable origin.







The aluminum we use (AW6082-T6), has high mechanical strength and good corrosion resistance, complies with the 14001 and 9120 standards and is certified for aeronautical and aerospace use, reaffirming our concern with the quality and durability of the material.

The steel used in the manufacture of our tools has a high resistance to abrasion, with a nominal hardness of 450 HBW (Brinell hardness).
It is a tempered steel in all thickness and not only on the surface. The minimum hardness of the core is 90% of the guaranteed minimum surface hardness.

Each steel plate from which the OMNISFERA tools are cut, has a certificate of conformity and each tool has a lot number associated with it, thus being indexed to a steel plate, guaranteeing a tight quality control.
In addition, our tools meet the most stringent criteria applied to the industry, complying with EN ISO 6506-1 (hardness test), ISO EN 148 (impact test), EN 10 029 Class A (material thickness) and EN 10 163- 2, Class A, (surface properties).

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