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MAGA - KIT Multipurpose Tool

MAGA - KIT Multipurpose Tool KFM 120

MAGA - Multipurpose forest fire fighting tool that allows...

Sales price: 131,43 €
Sales price without tax: 116,31 €

Product details



The MINI-MAC - MCLEOD is the evolution of the traditional...

Sales price: 117,64 €
Sales price without tax: 104,11 €

Product details

RAKE - KIT Forest Rake

RAKE - KIT Forest Rake KFR120

The RAKE - Forest Rake is a powerful cutting tool with an...

Sales price: 105,99 €
Sales price without tax: 93,80 €

Product details

IBERUS - KIT Brush Hook

IBERUS - KIT Brush Hook KFI120

Great cutting capacity is one of the main features of the...

Sales price: 107,04 €
Sales price without tax: 94,73 €

Product details

ARUS - KIT Fire Swatter

ARUS - KIT Fire Swatter KFA120

The ARUS is the fire swatter in Omnisfera range of...

Sales price: 118,71 €
Sales price without tax: 105,05 €

Product details

Portuguese Hoe (Handle + Tool)

Portuguese Hoe (Handle + Tool) pthk120

Resistance and durability are the main characteristics of...

Sales price: 108,11 €
Sales price without tax: 95,67 €

Product details

Pruning Saw (Handle + Tool)

Pruning Saw (Handle + Tool) psk120

Pruning saw + Universal Handle with curved blade and...

Sales price: 99,11 €
Sales price without tax: 87,71 €

Product details

MINI-MAC - Engineered McLeod

MINI-MAC - Engineered McLeod FC-04

The MINI-MAC makes the traditional McLeod more agile and...

Sales price: 61,47 €
Sales price without tax: 54,40 €

Product details

MAGA - Multipurpose Tool

MAGA - Multipurpose Tool FC-01

The MAGA - Multipurpose Tool to fight forest fires adapts...

Sales price: 75,26 €
Sales price without tax: 66,60 €

Product details

RAKE- Forest Rake

RAKE- Forest Rake FC-02

The RAKE reinvents the forest rake keeping the mower teeth...

Sales price: 49,82 €
Sales price without tax: 44,09 €

Product details

IBERUS - Brush Hook

IBERUS - Brush Hook FC-03

With a solid and reliable design, the IBERUS is produced in...

Sales price: 50,87 €
Sales price without tax: 45,02 €

Product details

ARUS - Fire Swatter

ARUS - Fire Swatter FNC-01

With the ARUS the fire swatter recovers the durability and...

Sales price: 62,53 €
Sales price without tax: 55,34 €

Product details

Universal Handle 120cm

Universal Handle 120cm CU-01

Suggested for users less than 1,70m tall. Produced in...

Sales price: 56,17 €
Sales price without tax: 49,71 €

Product details

Universal Handle 130cm

Universal Handle 130cm CU-02

Suggested for users over 1.70m tall. Produced in...

Sales price: 59,36 €
Sales price without tax: 52,53 €

Product details

Allen Key nº8

Allen Key nº8 AC-01

Allen key Nº 8, for internal hex bolts

Sales price: 2,49 €
Sales price without tax: 2,20 €

Product details

M12 Bolt

M12 Bolt AC-02

M12 thread bolt, internal hexagonal conical head

Sales price: 1,58 €
Sales price without tax: 1,40 €

Product details

Kit M6 Bolts and Nuts

Kit M6 Bolts and Nuts AC-03

M6 threaded screw kit, and M6 self-locking nuts.

Sales price: 1,13 €
Sales price without tax: 1,00 €

Product details

Height washer ARUS and IBERUS tools

Height washer ARUS and IBERUS tools AC-04

Height washer for the ARUS and IBERUS tolls

Sales price: 3,62 €
Sales price without tax: 3,20 €

Product details

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