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RAKE - Forest Rake (Handle + Tool)

The RAKE - Forest Rake is a powerful cutting tool with an aggressive design. Composed of four hardened carbon steel cutting blades, the RAKE acquires a great cutting capacity.
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Tamanho Cabo / Handle Size:

This item consists of the Universal Handle and the RAKE head/blade. Choose the handle size you want before adding to the cart.

The RAKE - Forest RAKE is a versatile forest fire fighting and forest management tool that has a great cutting and dragging capacity due to its four blades.


Head/blade details: 

Its head is made of high-performance wear-resistant steel with 450HB (Brinell hardness), laser-cut, anti-corrosion zinc plating treatment, and tempered carbon steel blades.

It weighs about 1026g (approx. 2326g when in conjunction with a 130cm cable).

The angle of attack of the RAKE - Forest RAKE allows a greater performance of the tool due to the way it attacks the terrain. It is an extremely robust and reliable tool, especially for bush fuels.


Embedding from head/blade to handle:

The head/blade of the RAKE - Forest RAKE is joined to the universal handle by a single screw, allowing quick assembly and disassembly of the head, contributing to the better rotation of heads, tool storage in firefighting and service vehicles. 


The Omnisfera Universal Handle:

The Universal Handle is produced in eucalyptus wood with PEFC certification.

Being adaptable to all the tools in our range of hand tools for forest fire fighting and forest management, it has an AW6082-T6 aluminum recess that allows the rotation of heads using just a single screw.

The varnished finish gives the handle greater durability and a beautiful final appearance.

For a 130cm long cable, it has an average weight of 1300g.


5 years warranty.


Technical data:
Length: 304mm
Width: 145mm
Thickness: 4mm
2226g (average weight when together with 120cm handle)
2326g (average weight when together with 130cm handle)
       Support base
       Cutting blades
High-performance anti-wear steel with 400 HB - Brinell hardness, laser cut
Tempered carbon steel
       Support base
       Cutting blades
Anticorrosion treament: Zinc; Coating thickness: >= 8 μm , with trivalent blue passivation

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